cemetery Cemetery in Hudson Township
Township of Hudson

The Hudson Memorial Cemetery is now operational and has big news!

We now have a 24-niche columbarium that was installed in August 2010.

As well as being a permanent resting place for your ashes, the columbarium also features a "Memorial Wall" on the back. Names of family members or relatives can be engraved for all future generations to see.

Hudson Township Columbarium

For more information, please feel free to call cemetery board members: Bruce Loach (647-5981), Peter Reimer, caretaker (647-4433) or Bev Foley (647-5949).

To purchase a plot or a niche, please contact the Hudson Township office at 647-5439 during regular business hours.

Please go to the link below, to see the list of Tariff of Fees for the Hudson Memorial Cemetery.